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This program includes two courses. These programs provide students with training and certification in the techniques required to start an IV infusion as well as withdrawals of blood for testing. The IVT course teaches information on puncture techniques, anatomy and physiology, fluid and electrolyte balance, management and care of the site (both pre and post insertion), and Universal Precautions. IV Therapy venipuncture skills include: equipment, site selection and preparation, order of draw, and appropriate care after procedure. The Blood Withdrawal course also covers the techniques for blood withdrawal, including the selection of equipment, order of the draw, site selection and preparation, and after-withdrawal care. Students will attend laboratory practice to perform a minimum of three successful blood withdrawals and three successful IV starts. Failure to perform all laboratory practices will leave a student ineligible for a certificate of completion. 
In keeping with the new policy instated by the California BVNPT,this is a self contained four day course. There is no home study prior to this course and homework is not required.


Upon the completion of this course, the LVN will receive a certificate of completion. The certificate will include the course title, date of completion, licensee’s name, address, telephone number, license number, and a provider code issued by the board. The licensee is advised to retain the certificate in a secure location. After completion of the course and proof of CA LVN licensure, a copy of the certificate will be submitted to the board and the licensee will be listed as certified in intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal. The licensee will also receive a copy of a CE certificate for 36 CE hours. For non-licensees, the certificate will be issued once California licensure is provided to school.


This course available to California Licensed Vocational Nurses, graduates of a California BVNPT vocational nursing program, and Registered Nurses for remediation only. Only licensed LVNs will qualify for continuing education contact hours. Prelicensure VN graduates receive a certificate only after licensure is obtained and documented.

Provider is approved by the BVNPT - approval # IB - 2783

ACMP is an approved CE provider by the Vocational Board of nursing.

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